SSL certificate – Why it is important and which certificate to choose?

SSL certificate

What is an SSL certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol that enables data encryption on the intranet and helps web site visitors to confirm who owns a website, especially when making payments via the internet eg on bank pages, web shops, booking systems.

SSL is commonly used to protect communications between web browsers and servers but is increasingly used for communication between servers and web applications.

In addition to visibly tagged web addresses (https: // …), which is usually marked in green, and which provides security and confidence to your customers and customers, the SSL certificate is a factor in Google search engine that affects the position of your site on the internet browser. At the same time, a web browser will in most cases, a website that does not have an SSL certificate will mark with “not safe”! This is a sufficient sign of possible distrust of your potential customers.

Do I need an SSL certificate?

Yes. Especially if you have a webshop, booking and any charge or collection of sensitive information, such as credit card details and so on.

What are the basic divisions of SSL certificates?

These are free SSL certificates and commercial SSL certificates. Which SSL certificate you choose will depend on your website and the functions it performs.

SSL Certificate httpsFree SSL certificate

The free SSL certificate is one that you get with cPanel of your hosting package (Let’s Encrypt) if it is enabled and properly configured. In any case, the website should have “https: //” in its web site, and the information to the site visitor when checking the certificate would be cPanel, Inc. Certification Authority. A free SSL certificate for your website is sufficient if you do not deal with booking, collecting confidential information, or if you have a webshop. If this is the case, consider a commercial certificate.

Commercial SSL certificates

Except for a free SSL certificate, you can rent a commercial SSL certificate. Along with the standard functions that an SSL certificate should have, a commercial certificate will provide you with a $10000 guarantee for your customers. Then show the information that it is a commercial certificate (which will increase the confidence of your visitors), and the site owner will often point out via banner that the web is protected by 256-bit encryption.

All our web service users are entitled to a free SSL certificate.


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